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After this, a discussion with the practical aspects of search engine local business seo packages optimization as well as their own reflections. As a conclusion we touch the growing amount of handhold devices with Internet connection. More and more searches are done via mobile phones and so far, this area is relatively unexplored and probably a growing market for the SEO Another service, AdSense is where the ads appear on websites with related content ad. Jansen, B.& J. Resnick, M..enquirowhitepapersindex.php fallows, D.. Google as the search engine In English, the terms "search engine optimization" (SEO) and "search engine marketing "(SEM) th The difference is that SEM involves activities that pay to appear in hit earnings. At Google, this is displayed as "sponsored links" that usually appear above and to the right of the so-called organic links. The organic search results, then the links the algorithm ranks by relevance to the keywords. This text will not focus on SEM, which is a component of search engine optimization that is closer to the area of marketing. Figure.

The result was that percent looked at the top three organic links

Results on Google that shows organic links and sponsored links (marked in red). Most searches resulting in a large number of hits which extends over several pages. Google, however, has the limitation that only the most relevant results are displayed. However, watching the majority of users only on the first sidan, as already mentioned. This is shown examining how to look at a SERP. In a study by marketing companies Digit and Enquiro, along with Eyetools, analyzed the users' eye movements and was gazing grip on träffresultatet. The result was that percent looked at the top three organic links. For the following seven links then dropped rapidly from to en.wikipedia.orgwikiSearch_engine_optimization Ledford, J. L. (p.).prwebreleasesprweb.htm percent to only percent for the tenth link.

The figures were significantly lower for the sponsored links. For the four top sponsored links (eight shown) was,, and per cent. For the four remaining, only ten seo local business percent were watching. This also visualized with a "heatmap" various colors to show how user attention is divided over hit earnings. The colors range from red, the "hottest" areas to dark gray. Figure. "Heatmap" showing how users look at a SERP. The image is cropped (Source:.prwebreleasesprweb.htm) As seen in the picture above is the user focus mainly concentrated around the three-four first hit results before it subsides. This image is a good illustration of how important it is to ranked high on the front page. You can also see how the sponsored links (in this case the right) receive significantly less attention. The fact that most people do not look beyond the first page means that, in practice, have a very limited scope to compete among hit results. In addition, Google has since begun to make use of what is called "Universal Search" where you mix up the organic search results with links to categories such as news, images and videor. This reduces the scope affordable local seo services further. searchenginelandgoogle--google-universal-search-. Google was created in by two students at Stanford University named Serge Brain and Lawrence Page.

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At the start, the project named BackRub, but was later changed to Google. The company Google was registered since September. Google was originally meant to be a search engine with the help of counting links would determine the relevance of pages, and so on thus able to show more "correct" and, for the user, relevant träffresultat. The idea for this the system comes from the academic articles deemed by seeing how many people have cited a given article. The more who referred to an article the more valuable it is considered vara. This mindset, then what is the basis for Google's algorithm to calculate a page's PageRank (see.). In the current situation it is possible to see that the small project that started years ago, and then only low locally at Stanford University, has grown to be the leading search engine and a turnover of a more billion each year.The first quarter of, Google had revenue of. billion dollar and the entire company is valued at billion kronor. Google has expanded its operations and has during the last five-six years grown to be more than just a means for searching the Internet. The company is a bit of a success story and has developed several services in addition to the original business.

Examples of these Services is a web browser (Google Chrome), an operating system for mobile phones (Android) a search engine to look for academic papers (Google Scholar) and a word affordable local seo services processor (Used in this paper) which is located on the Web (Google Docs) st At this writing is performed approximately percent of all searches conducted on the Internet via Google.